Geraldine Charles has been my webmistress for nearly eight years, and I consider her a true artist in many fields, but especially in webpage design.

Not only is she technically gifted in the ways of computers, she is also marvellously creative in the way she puts together the whole website.

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Love your own website - but don't know where to start?  Don't worry!  I can help you write attractive content and also with choosing just the right pictures to go with your web site and your own style.

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Getting to Know the Goddess

We all carry in our genes the memory of our one great ancestral Mother, born in Africa an unimaginable 150,000 years ago. In truth, then, are we all sisters and brothers, both women and men related in bone and blood, in our very cells.

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Other courses

I'm currently working on an online course to follow on from Getting to Know the Goddess and also on a landscape-based course.  If you'd like to register your interest in either of these, please contact me and I'll get in touch when there is more information.
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